A downloadable game for Windows

Based on my most reccuring nightmare. 

Stranger: Never Sleep Again puts you in danger inside your own home. An unknown masked lunatic will hunt you down unless you find a way to get out alive.

Made in Unreal Engine 5. 

The killer has 4 selectable masks.

Link to the Official Soundtrack: https://soundcloud.com/victor-gaioto-594351665/sets/stranger-never-sleep-again

My first public game.

Install instructions

1) Extract the .rar

2) Open the folder

3) Run Stranger.exe


Stranger Never Sleep Again.rar 448 MB

Development log


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This game was great! Very creepy! Good job 馃憤馃従 

Keep it up. 

i ded

Good use of tension and i love the killer options.

Thank you for making this game :) 

The gameplay in this is great! It's awesome seeing the killer walk around outside before finally entering, really emphasizes that you're on a time limit as you look for the keys. Also, it's neat getting to swap the killer masks around! Great work!

If this is your reoccurring nightmare, you're listening to the right kind of death metal. Send me some recommendations. I think we will be the bestests of friends! 

LOCK ALL YOUR DOORS! he gonna touch you! good man i enjoyed playing it :) 

Bro This Was ACTUALLY a real Feeling Forsure! 

Not bad for your first game, didn't click with me unfortunately. Looked great though! (Game starts at 33:40)


game is awesome looking forward to playing more games from you guys/guy/someone-idk, anyways great to play and the graphics are great, this is awesome for a free game 

This game was great! I was a little confused at what I was supposed to do BUT once I figured it out it made everything so much more intense and I had a great time playing it! heres my blind reaction to it! starts at 3:20

Joga莽o! Gr谩ficos muitos bonitos e gameplay bacana! levei v谩rios sustos e me diverti bastante jogando, super recomendo! =)

3 Scary Games

Is The 3rd And Final Game In My Video, Hope You Enjoy!!!

Didnt expect that to happen lol the house decor top notch

This game is GREAT!!! Really brings out the horror in this project. Good job. Hoping we could collab on a future horror gaming project.

I always hate concepts like this just because I know if a crazy person breaks into my house he's gonna get a full magazine of castle doctrine, but that said this game looks pretty well made and has a great atmosphere.

Hey DEV! I have made a video on your game and I quite enjoyed being scared. I added some sound effects for some atmospheric/psychological horror (phone ringing, doors creaking, etc) Hope that you keep adding more to the game in the future!

this game was honestly fun, a little confusing at times but fun

I got caught in front of the door.

This a great example of a classic horror game! Great work !

This is NOT what I signed up for!  Just kidding, it's totally what I signed up for!

Check it out!

Pretty spooky. I think i got really unlucky with one of my deaths xD

Let鈥檚 go! This is the opposite of sleep paralysis lol Enjoyed the game Dev 

could I get a transparent version of the logo for a thumbnail

I liked how the game looked, and how the enemy looked,
but thats about it tbh no offense,
it kinda didn't have enough I guess, and no way to defend or run from the enemy if he saw you,
but again, atleast it looked pretty

I really appreciate the feedback and the gameplay! The whole "Can't run and can't hide" aspect of the game was intentional, the key here is not to see death as a loss, but as a lesson so you can get closer to escaping! Thanks again for playing!

Such a great game wish there was a sprint button but the tension and the atmosphere and the realistic feeling I felt it game is scary Now I am scared to go to sleep

Played this game in my "2 scary games 1 video", was an awesome game :) 

Really liked the concept of the game; a stranger has broken into your home at night and you need to escape to safety.

I think my main point that is missing in the game is stealth mechanics. For a game that is souly based on you not getting caught by a killer the protagonist seems pretty determined to die that night when they decide to automatically open every door you're next to or can't crouch for the advantage of hiding behind objects. I think the addition of a crouch button can help a lot considering the small tight map you're in with no real way of hiding.

However, I still enjoyed the hunt for keys while hearing heavy boots behind me, the fact that your character can't run unless they've been seen actually may be a great rule that adds to the scary tension.


Thanks alot for playing and the suggestions.

Firstly I want to say that I really appreciate the feedback and will absolutely take your suggestions into account for my next games, as I am doing for everyone else's suggestions. They help me evolve as a newbie game developer and I am grateful for the constructive criticism.

Secondly, While you are not the first to suggest a stealth mechanic. My intention with this game is to make the player feel constant danger and feel like nowhere is safe, as it is just like a nightmare. Hence the reason why you can't sprint, can't attack and etc.. Your only tools of survival are your ears and the lean mechanic. The player is severely underpowered intentionally. I felt as giving the player a hiding mechanic will give him a level of security, which is not what I want for this particular project. Its a short experience, based purely on trial and error. I want to make the player feel absolutely amazing when he finally escapes because of the difficulty and the learning that happens at every death. That seems to work as most gameplays I've seen shows exactly that. The experience is not gonna grab your hand and help you. If I was to include a hiding mechanic and more hints, the game would last for 4-5 mins and the players would not feel as accomplished when they beat it as they are feeling with the current underpowered style. I also wanted it to feel a little different than the generic indie horror formula. That's just how I imagined this project, some people really like this direction, some don't. I don't blame you if you don't, this was also my first public game too. I have alot more planned for my next games!

The game was really awesome!

I couldn't get out first and it took me 20+ tries. Nice game.


Very cool game...really liked the satisfaction of getting away.
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Awesome game! Really enjoyed playing it!



que jogo bom v茫o conferirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I loved this game! 


Comments below clip;

The claustrophobic atmosphere in this game, the one that follows you around like a loyal dog of the worst kind, sets the player constantly on the wrong foot, so s/he trips and falls. Several times, in my case. Personally, I loved it. Had a good time figuring out, how to [finally] get out :o]

I really appreciate the kind words! Thank you so much for playing!


Oh yeah it is 馃槇


This was a fun Hide and seek type game i had a fun time figuring it out!

Thank you so much for playing!


Thanks for creating such a fantastic game, I want you to subscribe to my YouTube channel where there are 1000 gameplays of all kinds, friends subscribe, greetings ...

can you make it for Mac please creator 

help i keep getting this message saying my graphics arent supported

but the game still runs

Yeah, I saw other people having that issue, I'll see what I can do about it

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